Company Profile

Epoxy Distributors is a pioneer in the distribution of specialty epoxy and polyurethane products for concrete repair, primers, sealers, UV stable and cementitious systems. Our products meet the highest performance and environmental standards in the industry. Through our network of applicators, designers and suppliers, we provide a complete solution, from planning to application and final delivery.

Our vast network of manufacturers is dedicated to product innovation and high manufacturing standards, which allows Epoxy Distributors to continue to distribute top of the line products for floor restoration, concrete repair, adhesives and sealants.

We take pride in being leaders and adopting progressive environmental standards and practices that demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility. We prioritize partnerships with companies that adhere to industry standards such as LEED and ISO 9001, which helps reduce energy consumption and waste, encourages sustainable procurement, and improves environmental protection.

We serve customers and applicators in the state of Florida. Our customer base is essentially focused on concrete repairs, decorative coatings and resurfacing coatings. Our concrete repair product lines are being used in crack injection and patching repair, grout repair, paving overlays, bonding agents and concrete adhesives.

Our decorative coating products serve customers in residential buildings, public and commercial buildings, schools and universities, hospitals and other health establishments, pharmaceutical and biotech plants, factories and maintenance areas, plane hangars, automobile dealerships, and warehouses.

Our resurfacing coating and electrostatic discharge products are being used in food processing plants, beverage and bottling facilities, chemical processing and containment areas, pharmaceutical and biotech research facilities, light and heavy-duty manufacturing plants, printing, and pulp and paper facilities, and warehouse facilities.

Epoxy Distributors is proud to rely on an experienced in-house team, and dynamic partners and suppliers who are on the leading edge of advances in the industry, through continual research and development of new and improved products.